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My Dad

“Give glad tidings to those who patiently endure, who say when afflicted with a calamity: “To Allah we belong and to Him we return.” They are those on whom (descend) blessings and mercy from their Lord, and they are the ones who receive guidance.” [Surah Al-Baqarah: 155-157] It is with …


Bird’s nest kunafa

These nests are so crunchy and just the right sweetness, they are baked instead of  fried and they are the easiest kunafa …


Stuffed grilled Trout

Soak up the last rays of summer and enjoy the final days of the grilling season with this flavorful, flaky, tender whole …


Egyptian Sobia drink

Sobia is a starchy, milky sweet coconut drink, that is really a thirst quenching drink.


Ghoraybea #Eid eats

These Eid cookies literally “melt-in-your-mouth”. A wonderful way to start any holiday baking