Mar 312013

Taboon bread is a very famous old Palestinian bread very delicious specially with olive oil and thyme. Taboon is the oven that old Palestinian ladies used to use to bake this bread and lots of other dishes, here is it’s picture.

It is mainly a hole in the ground- a little more than a yard in diameter and 1.5 ft in depth- with a steel cover. It is covered from the inside with pebbles so as to keep the inside very hot. In modern days, we cannot do these in most homes, so instead we try to imitate this beautiful oven using our conventional ovens and a baking sheet full of pebbles that you can gather from your backyard. I’ve got some decorative pebbles – the ones that are used in vase- from the dollar store, washed them with hot water and voila I got my taboon ready for baking.

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